Waxoyl Professional 120-4

"Internal medicine" for cavities - prevents corrosion from flourishing in hiding.

Protects cavities against corrosion from the inside out, thus guaranteeing the inner values of a new car for life.

  • Waxoyl's water-repelant additives and high performance inhibitors offer long-term protection against corrosion.
  • Atomised as a fine mist through existing openings in the car body with the help of specially customised tools and using a professional spray manual.
  • Also gets to hard-to-reach spots without difficulty, thanks to its good penetration.
  • Reaches the smallest crevices, corners and cavities.
  • The wax based product offers long-lasting adherence and forms a clear, water-resistant, highly flexible protective film.
  • Will not restrict or plug water drain holes.
  • Environmentally friendly, does not drip, does not impair any other materials on the vehicle.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Prolongs bodywork life, thus increasing the re-sale value.
  • The ideal product for all climate zones.
  • Authorised by various OEMs and importers.
  • Used around the world for more than 30 years.
  • The PDI preferred product.

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 Aerosol

Protection spray against corrosion

Professional protection against corrosion even in the smallest corners and edges - from a handy spray can.

  • Forms a strongly adhesive, water-repellent protective film.
  • Protects metal components in engine compartment and boot, on doors and door sills.
  • Also for insulating electrical components against damp.
  • Specific, economical application provides long-term reliable protection.

Contains no CFC.