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Increase your back-end income
Create additional customer benefits
Be part of a recognized World-Wide leader and brand name.
Low investment- high returns – 70 to 250%
Unlimited market potential
Be a supplier to a number of Vehicle Manufacturers Dealers as well as Retail work.
Become an Approved Waxoyl Detailing Centre.
No royalty payments.
No unnecessary bulk purchases. (Order products as you need them)

WAXOYL does not cost money, “it makes money”

During the past few years, CMC International has repaired thousands of vehicles badly rusted. These vehicles were sent to CMC International for cleaning and treatment with Waxoyl products. We have assisted many vehicle manufacturers and their dealer network in resolving rust problems, especially coastal areas and vehicles imported by sea which are then distributed throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa. By building a good reputation, we have become an approved supplier to many vehicle manufacturers as well as their dealer network.

Let us train you to become a registered approved Waxoyl Detailing Centre as well. Once trained, you too can get warranty work from the manufacturers and dealer network to repair and treat new and used vehicles.

CMC International has introduced a 10 year rust warranty and car care programme which will assist the vehicle manufactures and dealer network. Not only will it help in vehicle sales, it will reduce high warranty claims and at the same time, it will create additional work for your body shop, fitment centres, detailing centres and dealers by increasing and generating additional profits over the ten year period whilst the vehicle is covered by CMC International’s Ten Year Rust Warranty. Additional profits are created by annual inspections and reapplication every three years. When these vehicles are returned for inspection, additional benefits such as polishing, scratch and dent removals, paint and upholstery protection, engine protection, valets can be offered to the customer. Used vehicles sold at the dealerships will also attract better prices if cleaned and treated with Waxoyl products.

The customer purchasing a new vehicle will be given peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is rust free, protected against oxidization, industrial fallout thus minimizing future cleaning and maintenance efforts. With the vehicle looking like new, the resale value will be maximized.

This programme has grown to such an extent that CMC International cannot cope on their own and needs to develop a network throughout Africa that can assist in offering the following:

  • The Waxoyl programme.
  • Warranty repair work.
  • Paint touch-ups and repairs.
  • Removing rust from the body and underbody.
  • Treating the vehicles with Waxoyl rustproofing products.
  • Added value by offering Paint Sealants, Upholstery protection, Engine protection,
  • Waxoyl products and services can also be used for removing industrial fall out, buff and polishing marks, cleaning of
  • upholstery and with many other products to choose from.

Overview of Waxoyl A.G

Waxoyl A.G has been supplying Waxoyl products worldwide for over 60 years and are based in Switzerland. CMC International is the
exclusive distributor for South Africa and Africa.


In order to apply the Waxoyl products, we need people who are trained by CMC International to support the vehicle dealer network throughout South Africa and Africa. Detailing centres appointed and trained will work for themselves with the support and back-up from CMC International. All Detailing centres appointed will be marketed on CMC International's website as approved centres, as well as promoted to the vehicle manufacturers by CMC International.

Once trained you will also be entitled to call on mines, government vehicle department, and S.A.P vehicle departments, military, navy, ports, shipping, agricultural departments, railways, engineering and manufacturing facilities etc. The scope for development and growth is endless and is not only for the motor industry but almost anything made of steel. It must be understood that CMC International can offer leads and contacts but cannot guarantee the work. It will be up to the appointed detailing centre to market themselves in their own areas as well. After training and receiving the approved Waxoyl Detailing Certificate, you will be entitled to order products as you require them.


  1. A private person wishing to become an approved Waxoyl Centre can apply and be trained by CMC International.
  2. The vehicle manufacture, dealer, fitment centre, body shop can appoint a person already working for them to be trained.
  3. If the vehicle manufacturer, dealership, fitment centre or body shop has not got a person to train, CMC International will select a person through unemployment or organised institutions helping the unemployed. (The training costs will be for the organisation offering employment or assisting in helping the unemployed).
  4. We urge the vehicle manufacturers to support the programme by requesting their approved dealerships and body shops to support this urgent need of increasing jobs for the unemployed.
  5. By supporting this need will increase your BEE scores levels.
  6. Unemployed supported by the vehicle manufacturers, dealerships, body shops and fitment centres can be given this opportunity to work for themselves. This will also improve B BBEE score levels.
  7. CMC International is also offering to sell 26 to 51 % shares to a reputable BBEE PARTNER to strengthen our BEE score level and to be compliant with South Africa’s BBEE ratings requirements.


The training is broken up into three modules and conducted at CMC International's training school in Port Elizabeth.
CMC International will provide accommodation and meals which are included in the training costs.
The location is at CMC Internationals premises which avoids additional travel.
Top Hat accommodation 8 Welcome Ave, Theescombe, Port Elizabeth.

N/B: Module 1, must be successfully completed before going onto module 2 and 3. This gives the trainee sufficient time to practice what he learned in module 1 and to build up sufficient funds to continue with module 2 and 3 at later dates. After completing Module one, the trainee can start his business and purchase Waxoyl products.
When returning to do module 2 and 3, the trainee will be more familiar and ready to do the paintless dent repairs and paintwork training.

Module 1: Waxoyl training
A) Waxoyl Introduction
Product Bulletins will be handed out for evening reading.
B) Removal of industrial fall-out treatment
C) Dry ice blasting techniques to remove rust.
D) Paintwork colour revitalization and paint enhancement
E) Scratch and swirl mark removal
F) Paint sealant protection
G) Trim and plastic revitalization and protection
H) Upholstery revitalization and treatment
I) Cavity protection
J) Underbody protection
K) Vehicle storage protection methods
L) Motor Care engine cleaning and protection
M) Interior cleaning and protection
N) Head Light restoration
O) Vehicle final Inspection
P) Administration.
Setting up and equipment
Pricing / costing / profits
Warranty procedure
Inspection requirements
Re-application methods
Additional value added products and profits.
TEST on products and training.

DURATION OF MODULE 1: Monday 10.30am to Friday 2.00pm (5 Days)
COST: R 15 000.00 +Vat R 17 250.00
Includes accommodation and meals.
Once module one has been completed, Waxoyl products and services can be offered and business can commence.
Module 2: Paintless Dent Repair training and techniques: Ten Days training including one full weekend.
COST: R 35 000.99 + Vat R 40 250.00
Includes accommodation and meals.

Module 3: Paint Touch-up training and techniques: Ten Days training including one full weekend.
COST: R 35 000.99 + Vat R 40 250.00
Includes accommodation and meals.

If satisfied with this offer, please complete the attached application form and fax it to CMC INTERNATIONAL
confirming your training fees of R15 000.00 plus VAT Total R 17 250.00 is paid before training.

Nedbank, Branch Code: 198765 ACCOUNT NO: 1051514428
Please Fax Proof of Payment, To Fax No: 041 3793085 Attention Zelda.

The above payment covers:
Registration to become an approved Waxoyl detailing centre.
Certificate confirming your business as an Authorized Waxoyl Detailing Centre.
Accommodation and meals at Top Hat Accommodation.
Training on all the various products and techniques.
Training material
Product Manuals on CD or Memory stick
Administration training on costing
Warranty procedures
Financial planning
Product ordering procedure

Please feel free in emailing us, if you require any additional information.
Thank you. We look forward to helping you reach your financial business goals.