Hardwax Underbody Protection

Underbody protection against road salt, grit, dirt and other harmful substances.

Long-lasting protection against corrosion.

Hardwax Underbody Protection

  • Guarantees a long life even for modern, unibody frame constructions thanks to the special composition of its wax-based protective film.
  • Particularly resistant to abrasion.
  • Always remains smooth and resilient, thanks to special additives.
  • Excellent adhesive properties.
  • Will not drip at high temperatures or become brittle in sub-zero weather.
  • Quick and easy to use.

Hardwax Aerosol

Protection spray against corrosion

For small improvements in the repair sector.

Professional protection against corrosion even in the smallest corners and edges - from a handy spray can.

  • Forms a strongly adhesive, water-repellent protective film.
  • Specific, economical application provides long-term reliable protection.
  • Contains no CFC.