Thorough dirt removal.

WAXOYL products for quick and gentle treatment for all surfaces.

Foam Cleanser
Fast-acting particularly effective cleaner, highly active against silicone residue, insects, oil and grease. Leaves no residue. Gentle to rubber, paint and chrome.

Interior Cleaner
Cleans leather, plastic covers and upholstery as well as fabrics.

The professional cleaning cloth for thorough yet gentle cleaning of metal, plastic, rubber and textiles.

Magic Clay System
Soft clay bars teamed with Moisturizer.
Completely new concept for safe surface paint treatment.

Pre Clean
The top professional cleaner for all surfaces. Removes silicones, oil, grease and polysealants.

Quick Cleanser
For workshop, repairs and assembly. Removes grease and cleans all metals, glass and ceramics as well as almost all plastics. Leaves no residue.

Ultra Clean
Cleans, preserves and protects in one easy application.

Waxoyl Engine Cleaner
Bioactive degreaser. Indispensable in assembly and repair shops. Also suitable for industrial application.

Waxoyl Wheel Cleaner
Special acidic bio-cleaner for wheels. Also suitable for industrial application.