New and used car valeting

State-of-the-art preparation - from pros for pros.

Cleaning and long-term protection with the unique Waxprep package. Ideally harmonised for world-wide use. Meets the most varied needs.

Clean, preserve, seal
with Waxprep products in handy packages:

100 Plus
Crystal clear high-shine paint protection for new cars against environmental influences such as sun, wind and weather.

Clear Coat Protector for Plastic & Vinyl
Refreshes and protects all plastic and rubber parts: inside and outside.

Interior Cleaner
Cleans leather, plastic covers and upholstery as well as fabrics.

Motor Care
The top product for engine room protection.

One Step
Mildly aggressive, durable polish.

Rubber & Vinyl Dressing
Restores faded bumpers and trim.

Final Finish Nano Compatible
Professional finish for paint reconditioning.

Finishing Compound Nano Compatible
Professional, medium to fine compound for paint reconditioning.

Impregnation against dirt. Protects fabric and leather against dust and damp.